A delicious tomato snack

Our installations

The Food Industry Kurtco facilities are located in the town of Alora, Malaga Province. This location, far from being random of the product, responds to the needs of the industry have the raw material firsthand. The advantages of this proximity, allows control of sowing, maturation, selection and collection of tomato, as well as research on the improvement of the qualities thereof.

On the other hand, Guadalhorce Valley weather conditions, sun, and the fertile cultivation soils make this area an optimal zone for growing the best quality tomato with natural procedures to get a really delicious organic tomato.

Similarly, an extra virgin olive oil, which meets the highest quality standards, is also produced in the Guadalhorce Valley.

Thus, having all the ingredients firsthand, production and processing chain become connected and coordinated throughout by Food Industry Kurtco optimizing the entire production process.

Industria Agroalimentaria Kurtko S.L. Calle Juan de la Cierva nº1, Pol. Ind. La Molina, Álora (Málaga) CIF B-92.962.216  Tlf 951105310; Móvil 658767552; mail: info@tomateibericoenort.es

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