A delicious tomato snack

An artisan factory with innovative technology

Due to the sensitive nature of the tomato a high technology is required so that the dehydration process is carefully monitored in order to avoid product deterioration or lost of its natural properties. This can be only achieved through the atmosphere "En Ort" technique and that's also the only way of making an Iberian Tomato "En Ort".

For this purpose, special ovens where the atmosphere "En Ort" is applied on the tomatoes have been developed and patented. The ovens are handled by specialists who know how to apply each variable depending on the type of tomato, ripeness or amount thereof to be treated in the process.

In addition to this, the company counts with a R & D team whose goal is the study and development of different tomato varieties grown in the greenhouse in order to get an optimum product. Besides, they carry out further research and developments related to the different marinate dressings studying the quality and flavors of the olive oil, herbs and spices.

All facilities meet European standards, getting a premium product which is marketed in and outside Spain

Industria Agroalimentaria Kurtko S.L. Calle Juan de la Cierva nº1, Pol. Ind. La Molina, Álora (Málaga) CIF B-92.962.216  Tlf 951105310; Móvil 658767552; mail: info@tomateibericoenort.es

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