A delicious tomato snack


The current packing is 1 kilo and is aimed mainly at the hospitality industry and at special gourmet shops sourcing excellent quality artisan products.

Each packing unit consists of 8 bags of 125 grams each. Therefore, it allows to be individually consumed while maintained maximum freshness and quality. Besides, the image of the individual 125 gram bags resembles the fine Iberian cured meats packing sold at the specialized gourmet retailers.

Another option is the glass bottle, preserving the tomato without refrigeration. It´s an ideal choice for easy distribution. Package weight is 200 gr and the expiration date of the product is one year.

After being dehydrated and leaving the atmosphere EN ORT oven, the tomato enters immediately into a cold chamber in order to abate the previous reached temperature.

After this process it is then vacuum packaged and storage at 4 ° C temperature without breaking the cold chain until it reaches the chef or the consumer.

Thanks to the whole process, this delicatessen bathed in an exceptional infused extra virgin olive oil can be kept for many months with all its nutritional values and unique taste.

In addition, the product can be frozen, even further extending his expiration date to be consumed in optimal conditions.

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