A delicious tomato snack

Our commitment

The Iberian tomato "EN ORT" is a high quality food product made with a rigorous and artisan procedure to ensure the preservation of its natural properties, maintaining flavor freshness and aromas of its component products.

The only way to achieve a high quality product is obviously starting from our own growing manually harvested, in selected Guadalhorce Valley lands, which enables us to ensure an exquisite natural tomato with exceptional organoleptic characteristics.

The tomato is going through a carefully manually process at a low temperature in order to be peeled and chopped.Thus, an honest product with the best possible quality can be offered to the consumer; that's the "best of the tomato", the meat and its mouth- watering seeds. The maximum culinary potential is achieved, being appreciated in its exquisite taste, freshness smell and texture to the palate.

After the tomato has passed our 'atmosphere EN ORT 'is marinated with an extraordinary recipe sauce: local     denomination     of origin extra virgin olive oil and carefully selected spices and herbs are the other raw materials.They complement the tomato adding exceptional properties to the final product obtaining a gourmet aperitif with intense natural tomato and surprisingly balanced flavor.To sum up, a high quality product and a gastronomic goody available to lovers of fine food.

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