A delicious tomato snack

Iberian Tomato "En Ort" hedonist Roll


  1. Extend the sushi rolling-mat and place, also extended, the plastic foil on it. Then place the Iberian Tomato En Ort over it, previously made a rectangular shape. Cover with duck ham slices and the ventresca tuna.
  2. Proceed as when you make nori maki sushi. Lift up the edge of the sushi rolling mat of your side with your thumbs, and roll it over to enclose the ingredients and make a roll, pushing and withholding the core ingredients by other fingers to inside, and the edge of the sheet meets to the far side's. Once rolled closed both sides to increase pressure.
  3. Leave to stand in the fridge for at least 2 hours.


  • 125 g Iberian Tomato En Ort
  • 50 g duck ham
  • 50g Ventresca tuna in olive oil
  • Foie mousse
  • 150g Micuit Foiegrass
  • 75g liquid cream
  • Salt and pepper

Recipe: Restaurante Casa Abilio, Callejón de Padilla (Álora,Málaga) Tlf: 952498391

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